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Featured Writing - The Piece

One letter closer to the end

The end of my piece.

Words spill out of me like rushing water.

My messy handwriting starts to fill the paper.


One word closer.

My mind is a hurricane of ideas.

So disorganized and chaotic.

Yet I can see all the ideas clearly.


One sentence closer.

My pencil seems alive

Like it has its own thoughts.

Like it is writing the piece for me.


One paragraph closer.

The pitter patter of my pencil on the paper.

That sound soothes me.

Almost like a mother’s heartbeat soothes an infant.


One page closer.

I start to build up the tension.

The climax of my story.

My favorite part of my piece.


One revision closer.

I look for the small mistakes in my piece.

The ones I can easily fix.

Mistakes that I can learn from.


One readthrough closer.

It is perfect to me.

Beautiful in its own way.

All my work has built up to this moment.

I am finished.

Erin O'Donnell, age 12
June 16, 2019
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