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July 18, 2019

What's New?

Three fantastic new additions to our collection!

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Just My Luck
Jennifer Honeybourn
Honeybourn (When Life Gives You Demons, 2018) follows a teen who has always had terrible luck. Marty works as a housekeeper at a ritzy hotel on the island of Maui and steals small items from the snobby guests she has to clean up after. She's convinced the only way to turn her luck around is to return everything she's stolen. But her efforts are complicated when she meets Will who’s staying at the hotel for the summer. Marty made a promise to herself never to fall for one of the guests, but Will is different and he may be the key to fixing her luck for good!

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Please Send Help
Gaby Dunn/Allison Raskin
In their hilarious sequel to I Hate Everyone But You (2017), the team of Raskin and Dunn chronicle the long distance friendship of Gen and Ava after they graduate from college. Fresh out of her film program, Ava has moved to New York City to intern on a late-night talk show. Meanwhile Gen is putting her journalism degree to work writing for a small town newspaper in Florida. Although they're over a thousand miles apart, the two help each other navigate everything from sexuality to feral cat adoption proving no matter how desperate things seem, your best friend is always there to reboot your life and send help.

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Within Ash and Stardust
Chani Lynn Feener
Feener’s stunning conclusion to her Xenith trilogy finds Delaney forced to confront and choose between two possible destinies. On Earth she’s a normal teen with a fantastic best friend and a loving boyfriend. But on the worn-torn planet of Xenith, Delaney has gone from kidnapped impostor to the legitimate heir to an intergalactic throne. She’s also engaged to the prince of an enemy nation whose ruthless father is on the warpath. Torn between two planets, two fates, and two loves, Delaney must decide which will be her destiny!
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Check out What's New for five fantastic new additions to our collection!
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