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September 19, 2019

What's New?

Three fantastic new additions to our collection!

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The Liars of Mariposa Island
Jennifer Mathieu
Following the success of Moxie (2017), Mathieu returns with a story set in 1986 on Mariposa, an isolated island off the coast of Texas. Here Elena, 16, lives with her older brother Joaquin and their single mother Caridad, a volatile and controlling alcoholic. Their difficult home life is the result of their mother's traumatic past as a young refugee fleeing the Cuban Revolution. Elena's only escape is babysitting and sneaking off with her new boyfriend, the handsome and mysterious J.C. Meanwhile, Joaquin has just graduated from high school and is determined to escape from Mariposa and find his father in California.

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Snowflake, Az
Marcus Sedgwick
Sedgwick’s (Saint Death, 2017) own bout with a “questionable” chronic illness provides the inspiration for this cautionary tale. Eighteen-year-old Ash is shocked to learn that his brother Bly has gone missing and heads to the place where he was last seen, Snowflake, Arizona. He discovers that By, like other members of this isolated town, are suffering from a chemical sensitivity triggered by environmental pollutants. They call themselves canaries, living warning signs that humans have pushed the environment too far. When Ash is stricken by the mysterious illness, he learns firsthand what it's like to have an ailment that everyone believes is “all in his head.”

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Steel Tide
Natalie C. Parker
The second book in Parker’s heart-stopping Seafire trilogy follows Caledonia, the captain of an all-female ship as she continues her fight against the vicious warlord Aric Athair. After her ship is attacked, a badly wounded Caledonia is pulled from the sea and nursed back to health by a band of renegade Bullets. They now call themselves Blades and live a nomadic life always hiding from the evil Athair. Caledonia is eager to get back to sea and find the Mors Navis and her crew. But first she'll need to do everything in her power to convince the Blades to help her defeat Athair's fleet and take back the Bullet seas.
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Check out What's New for five fantastic new additions to our collection!
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