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Featured Writing - Be you

To the people watching this and going through a rough patch

Keep your head up!

And remember that it is just a rough patch

It will get better

But of course you have heard this over and over again

And it's beginning to feel like this life isn't worth it

I'm wrote this to tell you something

Everybody needs to be somebody

I don't care how many times you want to argue this fact

It is still true

Whether it be because you desperately want to be liked

Or you just want someone to come along and love you for you

Either way you have to be somebody right?

Listen when I tell you that you don't need love, popularity, or “smarts” to be somebody

You are you.

So stop putting someone else out there for others to love

If they truly “love” you they will stay no matter what

If someone leaves you because of a stupid reason, move on!

I know it is hard but blaming yourself isn't going to make it better

To the people who never eat and wear clothes that make them feel uncomfortable

Stop. Just stop.

You pick up that fork and eat those southern cooked taters

That is you! Why are you trying so hard for people who won't even notice if you are dead?

Stop stepping on the scale 20 times a day

And for once put some actual clothes on

Sit down on your couch with a bag of chips

and ice cream on the side and watch something funny

I hear Spongebob is a nice choice

To the people who buy pencil sharpeners to “sharpen” their looks


Cutting is not a trend

If your “friends” tell you it's the cool thing to do

Next time at lunch

Sit with that fun positive girl that looks like she has it all together

Look at her wrists

Don't stare but take a quick glance

Be friends with her

She knows how to fight through it

Talk to her about it

She will be there

She will give you an insight of what it is like

She will tell you don't feel guilty

Only because you were talked into it

So stop.

To the people who know exactly what I'm talking about

Let's do this together

You are you

Be you

Be you because you are somebody

R-Love, age 14
March 8, 2017
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