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Featured Writing - The Visitor

     Poppy's eyes fluttered open and she saw the bland white room before her. Her eyes traveled to the various machines hooked up to her arms. She traced the path of the tube connecting to a bag of liquid down to the entrance in her wrist.
     Then she noticed the ominous figure sitting in the chair next to her. Poppy's eyes widened in fear. She leapt up trying to escape, only to be held back by the various tubes connecting to her. Poppy winced at the sudden pain that shot through her body.
    "Poppy, calm down. It's all going to be okay." The man said. He had a disarming mien, yet he seemed sad. He sat straight up in his black suit, peering down at the petrified red-headed girl before him.
     "Why am I here?" Poppy inquired, perplexed at the sight before her. It was as if everything from the last twenty-four hours had been cleared from her memory.
    "You were in a bad car accident. The doctors are doing all that they can." The man assured, clearing up most everything. Poppy furrowed her brow as she struggled to grasp what had happened.
    "Oh..." Was all that Poppy could say. She snapped out of her previously calm state as she realized, once again, who she was talking to.
    "W-why are you here? Just leave! I don't want you anywhere near me!" Poppy exclaimed, the fear and desperation evident in her clear, high voice.
     "Just breath Poppy." The man told Poppy patiently. Like he was waiting for the moment to do something. Something that will impact her greatly.
    At that moment a nice looking doctor walked into the tasteless hospital room with a clipboard. He didn't even glance in the direction of the well-dressed man in the chair by the bed. The doctor just walked in and checked all Poppy's vitals. They were going down at a steady, slow pace and there was nothing he could do.
    “D-doctor make him go away! He needs to leave." Poppy ordered at the doctor. The doctor had a puzzled look on his face. As if he didn't know the man she spoke of. If he did, he said nothing about it. He just went on with his job and the man stayed silent.
     "Please Doctor, please!" Poppy pleaded urgently at the doctor. He glanced down at the frantic girl.
     "Now, Poppy, you must relax. I'm going to go get you a drink of water." The doctor comforted her and made his way to the door.
     "No, no! Don't leave me here with him!" Poppy shouted after the doctor who just glanced back at her concerned. Tears welled up in her big green eyes.
      "Relax like the doctor said, he was right you know." The man soothed. Poppy tried to even her breathing a bit. The man smiled, though he still looked sad to be here with Poppy.
     "Good job, now why don't you tell me about Oliver." Poppy's face softened at the name of her little brother.
     "Oh, little Ollie is so cute! He said his first word! It was 'light'! Which is awesome because he is the light of my world!" Poppy babbled. The man nodded politely as the sickly girl lit up as she talked about the infant.
     Poppy's face once bright and joyous face grew dark and small tears crawled down her face. She looked down at her pale, fragile hands, then back at the man.
    "I'll never see him again! Sweet little Ollie will never know his big sister!" Poppy exclaimed through her shower of tears. That small shower soon turned into a full on waterfall.
    "Hush, hush my dear. I'm sure your parents will make sure he knows you and what you went through." The man assured Poppy. Her tears slowed down until they were just faded stains on Poppy's freckled face. Poppy's eyes widened and she became frantic again. Her green eyes searching for something or someone.
    "M-my parents! Where are they? Shouldn't they be here by now?" Poppy stammered trying to locate her family members.
"It's fine, they are on their way. They got stuck in traffic on the way here." The man informed Poppy. Poppy laid back down, her breathing slowing gradually.
     The door opened to reveal the doctor and a nurse. The nurse handed Poppy a glass of water.
     "Okay Sweetie you need to take a drink, if you don't you will become dehydrated." The nurse told Poppy as she helped Poppy sit up a tiny bit more.
    "But the man, he is still here." Poppy noted.
     The nurse handed Poppy the cup of water. Poppy's hands trembled involuntarily, spilling the all over the sheets. The nurse was quick to clean it up with a nearby towel and put the cup up to Poppy's lips for her. Poppy slurped down the cool liquid eagerly. The nurse removed the cup from Poppy's lips.
     "Now get some sleep Poppy." The doctor said. The doctor left the room and the nurse followed suit.
Poppy laid back on her stiff hospital pillow. No drowsiness came over her. Only fear of the inevitable.
     The man finally stood up to his full height and took a step to Poppy's bed. He looked down at the girl. Poppy met his eyes and slowly shook her head. He ignored her wishes.
     The man bent down and kissed her forehead. Her eyes fluttered close with one last breath. The unbroken beep rang from the heart monitor as he moved toward the door. With one last glance over his shoulder and a small sigh, Death left the room and the door clicked shut behind him.


Maggie R., age 14
April 20, 2016
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