Ages 15 to 18 Winners

Random Acts of Poetry 2017

1st Place

We awake each day wanting more
More than we have
More than we are
There’s no life if you settle for less
If you never grow
Stay stagnant in one spot
Devoid of the fire
Of what more can offer

Do you want more knowledge?
More love
More kindness
More space?

I want more justice
Call me crazy
Say that justice is impossible
Or already there.
I can still feel the fire pushing for more—
The car salesman’s wife
The lonely barkeeper
The straight A student
And double shift worker
Please, justice for them
To capture their fate
Love whom they will
Come out of hiding
And rise above the box
That puts a rainbow of people
In their assigned place

More justice
For those
Who stay home
And watch kids
With hearts full of dreams
That can’t fit into cribs

Those who go out
But don’t stay out so late
Because victim’s an ugly word
Not as ugly as r—
For those stuck in a loop
Again and again
Work hard, gain respect
“How are you in bed?”
She has a mind and a heart
The same as all theirs
And a resume full
Of an abundance of chores
Still, it’s him they choose
Without an ounce of guilt
As if there was a lottery she lost
9 months before birth
That decides how much stock
They put in her words

Justice for her
For me and for them
What we deserve
A book and a pen
To write our own fates 

Erin T.

2nd Place
Across the Moor 

I run, I jump, I laugh to myself,
As I lift up my skirts
And run barefoot across the windswept luminous moor.
It beckons me hither
Like the calling of the moon or the whispers of the sea.
It is a home like no other;
Even though it draws my breath away,
From the labor it takes to reach its top crest.

The fog makes my surroundings seem gloomy and dark,
But here I am at peace and my mind at ease.
With the air crisp and pure
And the land uninterrupted by the works of man.
I long to be and remain here

Laura O.

3rd Place
The Kindly Sea

The light in front will guide our ship
To safety in the harbor,
But don’t forget the trembling lip
Of that poor sailor’s daughter!

It’s as she said: “Don’t let your grip
Grow loose or let it falter,
Just watch the night and your fine trip
Won’t end wrecked on the Altars.”

Now what was that? --A nudge or tip?
Could our course have been altered?
No, no, I’m sure it’s just a slip,
We’re due straight for Gibraltar.

A distant flicker, then a rip
Of light, and the ship balters
And suddenly the whole crew dips
Into the loving waters.

Louise M.

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