Photography Contest Past Winners

During the month of October, teen photographers from across the city and county entered the Library's annual Teen Photography contest. Winners were selected by the Main Library's Official Teen Advisory Board. An awards ceremony will be held in TeenSpot at the Main Library on Saturday, December 6th at 2:00 pm. Winners will receive certificates, ribbons, and Chipotle gift cards. First place winners in both age categories receive a one-year membership to Elementz Urban Arts Center! The Library would like to thank Elementz for their generous sponsorship of the contest and awards ceremony. To see all of the winning and honorable mention photos from this year's contest, visit our Teen Photo Contest Wiki!

12-14 Winners

1st            Nova D.              Heart Shaped Hair

 Nova D

2nd           Maria A.              Hocking Hills Bridge

 Maria A

3rd           Sam S.             Hand

 Sam S

Honorable Mention

Jonah S.                                 River at Sunset

Adhiti C.                                Bird Closeup

Aly H.                                    Beach Bike Sunset 

Mada N.                                Skyscraper

Chelsea B.                            Autumn Trail

John M.                                Penguins

Zachary C.                            Dew on Leaf  


15-18 Winners

1st           Heidi C.                   Lit Heart

             Heidi C             

2nd          Jenna R.               Cityscape from Above

Courtney R

3rd           Katelyn H.                Sea and Sky

Jessica F

Honorable Mention

Aleah M.                            Dew on Leaf

Michaela S.                       Music Scene 

Shannon M.                      Fishing Ocean

Joseph M.                        Butterfly

Abbey K.                          Dragon

Hannah S.                        Peacock 

Alyssa C.                          Dewberries