Financial Blogs and Websites for Teens

Avengers Online Comic   Avengers
Marvel’s Avengers tackle a new beast – personal finances! 

Balance Financial Fitness Program 
Financial education publications that cover a wide variety of topics.

Financial Advice
Advice for teens and twentysomethings on how to save for retirement.

Financial Tips for Teens
Nine Indispensable Financial Tips for Teens & Twentysomethings.

Life Happens
Calculate your life insurance needs on this website.

The Mint
For teenagers and for families and teachers to help teach children to be money smart.

Ohio Saves
Saving resources for all.

O*NET OnLine
An online tool for career exploration and job analysis!

Practical Money Skills Mint
Financial literacy and skills for people of all ages.

Savings Calculator
This savings calculator demonstrates how to put this savings strategy to work for you! 

Schwab Moneywise
Budgeting, saving, and spending wisely for kids and teens.

Value Your Money
A teen budgeting worksheet. 

Wealth for Teens
Tips for teens on making money, investing, and personal growth.

You Can Go!
College resources for students. 

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