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Show Me the Money!

The "C" Student's Guide to Scholarships: a creative guide to finding scholarships when your grades suck and your parents are broke!
Felecia Hatcher

Call Number: 378.34 H361 2012

Students without perfect grades can still attend college if they really want to. Describes ways to find money to help pay for higher education even for the student who doesn't have straight A grades.

All About Money: the history, culture, and meaning of modern finance
Rae Simons

Series: Junior Library of Money

Call Number: 332.49 S611 2011

Explains the origins and development of money as a means of exchange, from barter to electronic forms, and discusses the economy, capitalism and other economic systems, and the influence of money on world politics, culture, and everyday life.

Banking Basics
James Fischer

Series: Junior Library of Money

Call Number: 332.1 F529 2011

Provides information on banks and the functions that they serve, including information on the different types of accounts available, how interest works, and reasons why people might want to use a bank.

Be Smart About Investing: planning, saving, and the stock market
Kathiann M. Kowalski

Call Number: 332.6 K88 2014

Examines financial planning, saving, and investing, including basic methods to save money, various types of investments, strategies for investing, and the stock market.

Be Smart About Money: money management and budgeting
Sherri Mabry Gordon

Call Number: 332.024 G665 2014

Examines money management and budgeting, including saving and spending strategies, making decisions aboutthe best financial products and services, and creating a personal budget.

Be Smart About Shopping: the critical consumer and civic financial responsibility
Kathiann M. Kowalski

Call Number: 640.73 K88 2014

Discusses basic money choices, prioritizing financialdecisions, comparison shopping, making smart purchasing choices, protecting against identity theft, and civic financial responsibility.

Be Smart About Your Career: college, income, and careers / Amy Graham
Amy Graham

Call Number: 650.1 G738 2014

Examines college, income, and careers, including choosing the best post-secondary option and paying for college; identifying career interests, setting career goals, and planning how to achieve them; and understanding income, both earned and unearned.

Before You Start Banking
Ronald Williams

Call Number: 332.743 W726 2014

Teens learn about how financial institutions operate to help them make better financial decisions. 

The Bullies of Wall Street: this is how greed messed up our economy
Sheila Bair

Call Number: 330.973093 B163 2015

In 2008, America went through a terrible financial crisis, and we are still suffering the consequences. The author describes the many ways in which a broken system led families into financial trouble, and also explains the decisions being made at the time by the most powerful people in the country that led to therecession.

The Complete Guide to Personal Finance for Teenagers and College Students
Tamsen Butler

Call Number: 332.024008 B987 2010

In this new book, you will learn how to get and manage credit, make and stick to a budget, save for college, determine your needs versus your wants, pay for a car, finance college, manage risk, open a bank account, write a check, balance a checkbook, avoid the pressures of consumerism, and how to avoid financial mistakes. You will also learn about investment options, taxes, checks, debit cards, credit cards, and basic budget tips. This book is filled with suggestions from financial and family counselors, and you will discover creative ways to get a jumpstart on your financial future and use money responsibly. Even if you have had a few missteps along the way, you will be able to learn from your mistakes and get on the path tofinancial well-being.

Cost of Living
Helen Thompson

Series: Junior Library of Money

Call Number: 339.42 T472 2011

A basic introduction to the concept of the cost of living and how it impacts our daily lives.

Earning Money: jobs
James Fischer

Series: Junior Library of Money

Call Number: 650.1 F529 2011

Provides basic information about how to be successful in the workplace, with tips on job hunting, gaining experience, interviewing, and time management.

Financial Football (Electronic Game)
Call Number: 332.024008

Financial football training camp is a financial literacy program that contains an interactivefootball game and learning modules designed to teach the importance of effective money management, budgeting, borrowing, and sensible use of credit. The game is accessed through a downloadable file on the web page.

First Apartment Smarts
Ann Byers

Call Number: 643.27 B993 2010

Offers people getting ready to move into their first apartment practical advice on finding anapartment to rent, budgeting for monthly expenses, working out problems with roommates, and handling the responsibilities of living away from home.

First Bank Account and First Investments Smarts
Jeri Freedman

Call Number: 332.6 F853 2010

Offers young adults practical advice on opening their own bank accounts, including checking and savings, and making smart financial and investment decisions.

First Budget Smarts
Judy Monroe Peterson

Call Number: 332.024008 P485 2010

This book has tips on how to budget your money.

First Car Smarts
Daniel E. Harmon

Call Number: 629.222 H288 2010

This is a guide to buying your first car.

First Credit Cards and Credit Smarts
Ann Byers

Call Number: 332.765 B993 2010

Offers teens advice on getting, using, and respecting credit cards, explaining the importance of paying the balance each month, avoid common mistakes, protecting their credit rating, and making smart choices.

First Job Smarts
Daniel E. Harmon

Call Number: 332.765 B993 2010

An introduction to employment for teenagers that discusses basic requirements, earning, full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions, taxes, and other related topics.

A Guide to Teaching Young Adults About Money
Rae Simons

Series: Junior Library of Money

Call Number: 332.024008 S611 2011

Offers key points, discussion guides, and activities for each of the topics in the series.

Heads Up Money
Marcus Weeks

Call Number: 332 w395 2016

An engaging introduction to economics from world markets to personal finance.

How Consumer Credit and Debt Work
Laura La Bella

Call Number: 332.743 L116 2013

A teen guide to understanding consumer credit and debt. 

How the Major Stock Indexes Work: From the Dow to the S&P 500
Peter K. Ryan

Call Number: 332.63222 R989 2013

Real world economics with bibliographical references and index included. 

How to Graduate Debt Free: the best strategies to pay for college #notogoingbroke
Kristina Ellis

Call Number: 378.38 E47 2016

The Millionaire Next Door: the surprising secrets of America's wealthy
Thomas Stanley

Call Number: 332.092273 S789 2010

The Motley Fool investment guide for teens: eight steps to having more money than your parents ever dreamed of
David Gardner, Tom Gardner

Call Number: 332.60835 G226

guide to becoming financially independent with tips on saving and investing.

Not Your Parents' Money Book: making, saving, and spending your own money
Call Number: 332.024 C495 2010

Jean Chatzky offers advice to middle schoolers about their personal finances, describing ways to make, save, and spend money responsibly.

Planning for Your Education
James Fischer

Series: Junior Library of Money

Call Number: 378.38 F529 2011

Presents information and advice about paying for a college education, introducing the FAFSA, loans, work-study programs, grants, and private scholarships.

The Power To Do Good: money and charity
Rae Simons

Series: Junior Library of Money

Call Number: 361.7 F529 2011

Introduces charity, discusses finding one, and describes the different ways people can donate to them.

The Sink or Swim Money Program
John E. Whitcomb

Call Number: 332.024

Dr. John E. Whitcomb presents his strategy for teaching teenagers to manage their finances.

Spending Money
Rae Simons

Series: Junior Library of Money

Call Number: 332.024 S6112 2011

Learn about spending your money wisely when your're young.

Sustainable Lifestyles in a Changing Economy
Rae Simons

Series: Junior Library of Money

Call Number: 640 S611 2011

Introduces the principles of sustainable living and manufacturing, explains ways to live sustainably, and discusses new products and technologies connected with this this field.

The Teen Money Manual: a guide to cash, credit, spending, saving, work, wealth, and more
Kara McGuire

Call Number: 332.024008 M148 2015

Provides a comprehensive guide for teenagers to saving, spending, and earning money, and includes information on starting a business, preparing for interviews, opening a bank account, and purchasing car and property insurance.

Top 10 Tips for Developing Money Management Skills
Larry Gerber

Call Number: 332.024 G362 2013

Top ten tips for developing money management skills.

Understanding Credit
Helen Thompson

Series: Junior Library of Money

Call Number: 332.7 T472 2011

Explains consumer credit, the importance of credit histories, and how to use credit cards responsibly.

Understanding Financial Frauds and Scams
Philip Wolny

Call Number: 364.163 W865 2013

A teen guide to financial frauds and scams and how to avoid them. 

Understanding the Stock Market
Helen Thompson

Series: Junior Library of Money

Call Number: 332.64273 T472 2011

An introduction to the stock market that provides information and answers related questions, covering selling shares, dividends, shareholders, recession, risk, and more.

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