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by Shelly Crane

Everybody’s heard about soulmates or love at first sight but who actually believes in it?  Not Maggie, that’s for sure.  Her boyfriend just dumped her for a football scholarship and her father and mother recently broke up; so she definitely doesn’t buy into “happily ever after.”  Then she meets Caleb and her whole universe flips.  Maggie and Caleb imprint on each other.  Now Maggie is exposed to a whole new world of feelings and experiences she’s not sure she wants; A place where people have powers and gifts of the supernatural kind.  Maggie needs Caleb and his touch to survive, literally, and there are people that will do anything to stop Maggie and Caleb from completing their bond.  Maggie will have to decide who and what is worth fighting for in this brave new world.

Michelle K.
December 1, 2017
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