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Between Two Skies
by Joanne O'Sullivan

Evangeline Riley is about to be named festival queen of Bayou Perdu, a tight-knit community on the rural coast of Louisiana. The start of school is just around the corner, and life is comfortable for Evangeline with her family and friends she’s always known. But change arrives abruptly when Hurricane Katrina bears down on Bayou Perdu, forcing the Rileys to evacuate. Evangeline thinks her family will be able to return home quickly, but the devastation from the storm forces the Rileys to make a new life for themselves in the big city of Atlanta. When Bayou Perdu is ready for Evangline to return, will she be ready to leave behind her new school and friends, including her boyfriend and fellow Katrina refugee Tru, to return to an unclear future?

I loved Evangeline as a character and as a voice in this beautiful and moving debut novel, and author’s depiction of Evangeline and her family’s struggle to adapt to life following a tragedy brought on by a devastating natural disaster rings true.

Christopher S.
October 9, 2017
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