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October 20, 2017

What's New?

Three fantastic new additions to our collection!

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Dear Martin
Nic Stone
In her debut, Stone explores an African-American student’s intense feelings of displacement in his predominantly white high school. Senior Justyce McAllister has a full-scholarship to a prestigious prep school where he's one of only eight African-American students. He knows that a good education will give him more economic opportunities, but Justyce begins to question the effects the private school is having on his identity. He becomes acutely aware of racial profiling after he’s handcuffed by the police while trying to help his inebriated ex-girlfriend and is pushed to the brink of despair when his best friend is fatally shot by an off-duty officer. Justyce withdraws from friends and family, only finding solace in the life and writings of Martin Luther King Jr. who provides him with direction, inspiration, and therapy.

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Long Way Down
Jason Reynolds
Reynolds’ (Miles Morales, 2017) new free-verse novel is an intense snapshot spanning sixty potent seconds. Will Holloman, 15, is immobilized with grief after his older brother Shawn is shot and killed while buying soap for their mother. According to the well-established Rules of the neighborhood, it’s now Will’s job to kill the person responsible. He easily locates Shawn's gun, tucks it into his waistband and leaves his family’s eighth-floor apartment. But it’s a long way down to the ground floor. At every stop Will is joined by someone who was killed by the chain of violence that took his brother’s life. As the seconds tick by and floors count down, each new occupant reveals their own perspective of The Rules and pushes Will to examine what he intends to do and what it will accomplish.

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Sun Warrior
P. C. Cast
Cast’s second book in her epic fantasy series is set in a world filled with beauty, danger and cruelty and begins only hours after Moon Chosen (2016) ended. Once sworn enemies, Nik and Mari are now allies, finding strength in their differences and vowing to unite and build a new and better world. Power-hungry Thaddeus targets Mari for the power he believes she’s stolen from him and will do anything to get it back, even if it means destroying everything in his path. There is only one way to stop him, but it means a harrowing journey for Mari and Nik into the heart of darkness. Meanwhile, Dead Eye becomes a willing vessel for the newly awakened god, Death who has plans of his own and will use whatever and whomever he must, including the mad Thaddeus.
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Check out What's New for five fantastic new additions to our collection!
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