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September 2, 2015

What's New?

Three fantastic new additions to our collection!

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Everything, Everything
Nicola Yoon
Yoon’s heartfelt debut tells the story of Madeline Whittier who has a rare condition that renders her allergic to nearly everything and requires the 17 year old to live inside a carefully sealed environment. Her only contact with the outside world is limited to her physician mother and her full-time nurse. Everything changes when handsome Olly and his troubled family move into the house next door. Madeline watches him from her window and Olly longs to meet her. Gradually, they figure out a way to communicate and over the course of the next few months, the two begin a complicated romance. Madeline will risk everything, including her own life, to be with Olly.

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Queen of Shadows
Sarah J. Maas
In Maas’ sweeping fourth volume in The Throne of Glass series, Celaya has at last embraced her identity as Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen. She has returned to the empire to rescue Prince Dorian from the evil Valg demon, topple the king's tyrannical reign, and restore magic to the kingdom. Although her people have long awaited their lost queen’s triumphant return, Aelin knows she will have to fight to reclaim her throne. She goes after her enemies with a vengeance, settling scores and forming surprising alliances as she sets in motion a systematic plan to rescue her loved ones and defeat a brutal pretender to the throne.

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The Trouble in Me
Jack Gantos
Gantos' insightful prequel to his award-winning memoir Hole in My Life (2002) chronicles the tumultuous summer when he was 14. After his family relocated again, this time to Fort Lauderdale, Jack found himself bored, lonely, and sad. Dissatisfied with his life, he's instantly mesmerized by the notorious Gary Pagoda who has just returned home from juvenile detention for car theft. Jack decides to reinvent himself in the image of his delinquent older neighbor. Under Gary’s spell, he feels alive doing stupid stunts and Jack is eager to leave his old self behind and desperate for whatever crazy, hilarious, and frightening thing might happen next.
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Check out What's New for five fantastic new additions to our collection!
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