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August 17, 2017

What's New?

Three fantastic new additions to our collection!

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Dress Codes for Small Towns
Courtney Stevens
Stevens’ (The Lies about Truth, 2015) spirited novel tells the story of a memorable summer in Otters Holt, Kentucky that’s filled with big mistakes, small lies, and numerous misunderstandings. Always a troublemaker, Billie McCaffrey never fit the conventional mold of a preacher’s daughter. She’d rather wear sweats, build furniture, and get into trouble with her solid group of friends known as the Hexagon. But the summer before her senior year, Billie’s relationships with her friends begins to shift. When Janie Lee confesses that she’s in love with Woods, Billie realizes that she is also in love with Woods, and maybe with Janie Lee too. She keeps her conflicting feelings to herself because Billie doesn’t want anyone slapping a label on her sexuality before she can figure it out for herself.

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Seven Trees of Stone
Leo Hunt
Two worlds violently collide in Hunt’s (8 Rivers of Shadow, 2016) riveting finale. Now that last year’s nightmare is over, Luke and Elza have started college and Luke’s mother has a new boyfriend, Darren. But just when it seems that life is finally returning to normal, Elza and Luke spend New Year’s Eve at Darren’s cottage and are magically transported to the Dunbarrow forest. Here a great spirit from Deadside, known as the Barrenwhite Tree, has destroyed the gateway between the living and the dead and a plague of insanity is spreading through the town. Luke and Elza will have to find a way to close the gateway before it's too late. But the devilish Mr. Berkley is in Dunbarrow with an agenda of his own and he hasn’t forgotten what Luke owes him.

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Wicked Like a Wildfire
Lana Popovic
Popovic’s fantasy debut is a slow-burning fairy tale about the power of love and the bonds between siblings. In a village in Montenegro, 17-year-old Iris lives with her sweet, musical twin sister, Malina, and her harsh, icy mother, Jasmina. All the women in their family have the ability to magically manipulate beauty. Iris sees flowers as fractals and turns her visions into glasswork, while Malina interprets moods as music. Their mother will not allow the sisters to share their magic with anyone, and above all, they are forbidden from falling in love. But when Jasmina is mysteriously attacked, Iris and Malina are forced to embrace their magical heritage and unearth the truth behind the quiet life their mother has built for them.
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Check out What's New for five fantastic new additions to our collection!
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