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Casino Royale
by Ian Fleming

       Casino Royale

                                                     By. Ian Fleming

   Casino Royale starts off the Bond series with an intense action packed novel.The book takes place in France in the great big Casino Royale. Agent 007 works for MI5, and he was sent on a dangerous mission to The Casino Royale. Bond’s mission was a simple concept, but yet very dangerous at the same time. The mission was to bankrupt  a Soviet spy, [named Le Chiffre] in the game of baccarat so the agency that was working with him would kill him out of embarrassment.


  This book was written for young adults and older.Casino Royale is kind of hard to understand because it was written for an older audience.Also the game baccarat  is the main game played in this book and it is hard to understand if you don’t know gambling talk.Thankfully that is not really a problem because they explain the game during the middle of the book, but during the first half you will have little  idea what is going on.


 Fleming’s tone is great.The serious novel is balanced by a little bit of humor here and there.Fleming made sure that the tone fit the serious content well.Casino Royale was also well described, but not too much so you can have a little bit of imagination.The serious parts are described with a very dark and serious voice.


   The plot is one one of the best I have read in a long time  .The suspense and the action kept me reading all day and night .There are several times where Bond almost dies and he still follows through with his mission.When you think the book is over it ends with a sudden twist which sets the way for the next book in the series.This is a great way to make a reader go and buy the next book, which I had to do.

  I recommend this book to anyone who is wanting to start a new series and they want to be on the edge of their seat with this spectacular thriller.

Andrew H., age 13
April 11, 2014
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