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by Veronica Roth


When I first heard of Divergent, everyone was telling me that it was like the Hunger Games series. I thought I would give it a try. Im glad I did. The book had a very good hook, that was mysterious and interesting.

I thought Beatrice Prior (Tris) had a personality that was strong and she wasn’t one you want to mess with. Four was my favorite character because he cared about Beatrice, and wanted to protect her. Even if his ways to protect her seemed silly, he was always by her side. Al, Christina, Will, Caleb, and Peter made really good supporting characters.

I loved how the book was mainly in future Chicago because we live very close. I went to the ferris wheel that had a big part in the book. One certain day, the sixteen year olds will have to make a choice that could decide your friends, your beliefs, your loyalties and can transform you into someone else. There are five virtues that you can chose from, when you turn 16. Candor- the honest, Abnegation- the selfless, Dauntless- the brave, Amity- the peaceful, and Erudite- the smart. There is one quote that always stayed in my head… “faction before blood”. If I had to pick one, I would pick either dauntless or amity because I love have fun, being free, and having peace.

The audience for this book would definitely be action, fighting book readers. I would recommend this book to middle school to high school readers. When you read this book, you might get intimidated by the 500 pages, but don’t worry. You will not be able to put this book down. Every chapter has a new surprise around the page. This book also has tons of cliff-hangers.

The voice for this book Divergent is in first person point of view. Beatrice Prior uses the words I, me, we, us, and our. Beatrice is also very personal and she shares her feelings with the reader. Whatever is going through Tris’s head, you will be able to read. You get to find out her plans and what she is thinking.

The most important part of the plot is when Erudite started controlling dauntless. They put a serum in every Dauntless member’s neck. Then at night, they all were possessed, except the divergent. All the factions started fighting and the whole system was out of whack. Erudite wanted all the divergent dead because they threatened the system.

I thought this book was really well written because of the word choice. Veronica Roth knew that young adult readers would fall in love with this book. Just like I did. I loved the way the book was organized.  I personally thought this was the best book I have ever read because of the surprises. I loved this book and most likely you will to.

Spencer, age 13
April 7, 2014
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