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May 26, 2016

What's New?

Three fantastic new additions to our collection!

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The Hunt
Megan Shepherd
Shepherd’s sequel to The Cage (2015) is full of non-stop action and intrigue. After a failed escape from their enclosure, Cora and her friends are punished and placed in a safari-themed environment called the Hunt to be chased down by other human prisoners and terrifying wild animals. They must serve cruel Kindred masters and follow new rules or face dangerous consequences. Separated and constantly under watch, Cora and the others are alone, vulnerable and fighting for their lives. She considers accepting the support of alien Cassian who has secretly offered to help her escape by using her latent psychic powers. But can she trust him? Cassian claims he loves her, but Cora has been betrayed by the Kindred before and this time she may need to find her own path to freedom.

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Outrun the Moon
Stacey Lee
Lee (Under a Painted Sky, 2015) creates an unforgettable story of survival set against a backdrop of devastation. Fifteen-year-old Mercy Wong, a Chinese-American, has always been ambitious and she longs to escape the poverty of her disadvantaged life and one day own a tea importing business. But in San Francisco in 1906 because of the extreme discrimination against the city’s Chinese population, Mercy's options are limited. She manages to use her cunning to leave Chinatown and bribes her way into St. Clare's, an elite boarding school for girls. But then the historic earthquake devastates the city, destroying Mercy’s home and school. In the aftermath of the tragedy, she and her classmates learn to overcome their differences and work together to survive.

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The Safest Lies
Megan Miranda
In Miranda’s (Soulprint, 2015) psychological thriller, Kelsey Thomas lives with her agoraphobic mother, a famous kidnapping victim who taught her daughter to always live in the shadow of fear. She hasn’t set foot outside their front door since Kelsey was born 17 ago. Her plan to keep a low profile is shattered when Kelsey is in a car accident and her dramatic rescue by volunteer firefighter and classmate Ryan sparks media coverage. A few days later the unthinkable happens and Kelsey’s mother is missing. Desperate to find her mother, Kelsey, with Ryan’s help, begins sifting through clues about her mother’s abduction and discovers that nothing is what it seems. To have a chance at a future, she'll have to face her darkest fears because now someone is after her!
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Check out What's New for five fantastic new additions to our collection!
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