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Genius: The Game
by Leopoldo Gout

When Kiran Biswas, the most renowned and respected tech guru on the planet creates a game exclusive to the 200 most intelligent kids under the age of 18, interest engulfs the web as words spreads throughout cyberspace. Electronic invitations are sequentially sent throughout the world inviting candidates to take part in The Game. Spots remaining in the competition dwindle as participants begin to receive their invitation.

Rex, Tunde and Cai are not your typical best friends because they have never actually met in person. Their relationship consists of their exclusive online community, the LODGE. Did I mention that they are all from various parts of the world? Rex is a Mexican American living in Santa Cruz, CA, who becomes obsessed with technology after his brother ran away from home when he was a little boy. Tunde lives in a Nigerian village and is known for creating pretty much anything out of the metal scraps found in the local junkyard. Cai, the more mysterious member, resides in China and is most notable for her activist blogging and speaking out against corrupt politicians and corporations. When Tunde and Cai are the only two members to receive an invitation to The Game, Rex finds that he will do anything to take part in the competition. And so it begins – Rex sits as his computer and begins to hack into the OndScan server.

Genius: The Game is a more intellectual version of the Hunger Games, where competitors will do just about anything to make it to Zero Hour. Readers will enjoy jumping from various points of view while gaining a better understanding of each characters’ motives behind participating in The Game. Readers who enjoyed Ernest Cline’s Easter-egg filled book, Ready Player One, will love the tech-inspired game and the passion and determination behind each competitor.  Check it out today and see if Rex finds a way into the game and whether or not any of them make it to Zero Hour!

Terry B.
June 24, 2016
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