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The Fire Within
by Chris D'Lacey


“‘No,’said Liz(also known as Mrs.Pennykettle the mother of Lucy), ‘he’s biting his pencil, deep in thought, trying to think of a name for your squirrel. Dream it,David(The main character and owner of Gadzooks).”

David rocked in his chair and let his mind float.

‘He flipped a page of his notepad over’

‘Hhh!’ gasped Lucy (the daughter of Liz. 10 years old)‘It’s working Mom!’

‘Shush,’went Liz.

‘He’s writing something.’

‘What?’ gasped Lucy, too excited to be shushed.

David let his imagination flow. To his amazement, he watched Gadzooks(Davids clay dragon) take his pencil from his jaws and hurriedly scribble down a name on his pad. Snigger(a squirrel the saw at the library gardens)”

What happens in the book is A college kid, David, moves in with the Pennykettles, Liz and Lucy and they make him a special dragon named Gadzooks. They then tell him to not make him  sad or not love him. Then David and Lucy try to catch a one eyed squirrel named Conker. They then meet a person named Sophie who works at a animal hospital (kind of becomes David's girlfriend). Then they catch Conker and find out he has a kidney infection and will die. David gets a thing called dragon pox that makes him grumpy and doesn’t love him so he gets a tear with a purple fire in it so he has to break open the tear and give Gadzooks the fire so he doesn’t die.

This book is very interesting and mainly talks about Conker the squirrel and the clay dragons being alive. The main characters are David, Liz Pennykettle, Lucy Pennykettle, and later in the book Sophie.

I like how The author made it a mystery type story like he made a mystery on if the dragons are real or not or who gave conker one eye or who was Guinevere. I also liked how he made up a different past. When I read this book and at the beginning I wasn’t that interested in it and then towards the end I got sucked in I was interested on what happens next. The only part that I didn’t like was the end(no one likes a spoiler). What also interesting to me was the clay dragons that Mrs.Pennykettle makes because in the the move around somehow or make hrrring noises and the only way to see them alive is to believe in them.

Andrew T., age 13
April 8, 2014
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