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The Fellowship of the Ring
by J.R.R. Tolkien

Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring!

A journey across all of middle earth. Old Bilbo Baggins (uncle of frodo) gives the ring of great power to Frodo because he has left his home to live away from people in a peaceful life.Frodo must guard the ring with his life and keep it from getting into the wrong hands,even if it means destroying it.With the help of Frodo’s two friends Sam and  Pippin he must travel middle earth in order to destroy the Ring therefore it can not fall under the wrong hands.He must travel to the CRACKS OF DOOM to destroy the Ring.On Frodo’s adventure the Fellowship of the Ring is made to keep the ring away from evil.The fellowship was many legendary characters including Legolas,Gimli,Gandalf,and other characters.

The overall wording and describing of settings,and characters is magnificent.The characterization of Frodo is similar to Bilbo in the first book The Hobbit.

I for one liked this book but then again I love the movies and the medieval fantasy genre in general.

Pros:Very well written and makes you feel like you're adventuring along with Frodo.The characters are one of a kind and extremely well developed as the book went on.It takes place in the large,great,amazing world of Middle Earth.You get to go on a grand adventure with the constantly evloving characters in the expansive world of Middle Earth.Amazing characters like the great wizard Gandalf the Grey,Gimli the dwarf warrior,Legolas the elven archer,and Frodo the Hobbit.

Cons:It can be slow and very boring at times.If your are a slow reader like me it takes a long to to read.The font is really tiny and it’s hard to read.If you're new to the Lord of the rings/hobbit universe you may not know a lot of the events leading up to Frodo.

My overall rating for it is 8.5/10 simply because it can be boring at times and it is a little to slow for me.I recommend this book for more fluent readers who don’t mind a book going a little slow.The great settings,evolving characters,and a great adventure all make up for the slow parts.

By:Ethan G.

Ethan G., age 12
April 7, 2014
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