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by Jerry Spinelli

“Did you see her? That was the first thing Kevin said to me on the first day of school.” (Spinelli 3) The hook of Stargirl  by Jerry Spinelli really caught my attention and makes me want to read it. It is set in the early 2000’s and is in Arizona, USA. The book was based on two characters, Leo and Stargirl.

Stargirl is a new girl in school that everyone absolutely hates. Although all the guys think she’s pretty, they still don’t like her.  She does really nice things, but for some reason everyone hates her. She does stuff like sings Happy Birthday to whoever’s birthday it is, (how does she know if no one tells her whose birthday it is) cheers for both teams and many other things.

Leo is a shy boy that thinks Stargirl is gorgeous (like all the guys) and wants Stargirl to be on his show “Hot Seat.” It is a show where people ask about your life and very personal questions that get aired on the school TV’s.

Stargirl tries out to be a cheerleader and makes it. Then the worst thing possible happens.  Stargirl starts cheering for the other team and her team. You don’t think that that’s bad? Well the team loses their first game of the season. The only time Mica High ever had a winning streak in the history of Mica High, and Stargirl was the one to mess this all up. Now Stargirl has no one to sit with her, no one to sing happy birthday to (because they ignore her) and no friends. Then one day Leo found a random note in his house. The note said “I LOVE YOU” (Spinelli 72) It was signed a picture of a star then a picture of a girl. Will Stargirl and Leo ever get together? Does Leo still like Stargirl? What will happen next? These are the questions that you will find the answer to when you read Stargirl.

I think this book was very organized and is very easy to follow. It goes in chronological order and is day by day of Leo and Stargirl’s lives. I’ve never read a book besides Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, but based on reading this I think I will again. Jerry Spinelli is a great author with good moods and voice.

I think the book overall was a great book and I recommend it to girls around 8 and up. The language doesn’t affect my opinion at all. It isn’t the best book I’ve ever read, and there’s some parts where you just want to stop reading, but make sure you finish this book because trust me you want to know the ending.

Kendall R., age 12
April 11, 2014
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