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Teen Reviews
City of Bones
by Cassandra Clare
This book was an amazing read and is worth reading the whole series. It pulls your heartstrings but also makes you laugh. The characters are very colorful, sexy, and downright awesome. Would read again. The tv show bassed off of this is called sha... More >>
Staff Picks
One of Us is Lying
by Karen McManus
Monday afternoon detention at Bayview high goes from deadly boring to just plain deadly when one of the teens doesn't make it out alive.  The group includes Bronwyn, the braniac, Addy, the homecoming queen, Nate, the budding criminal and Coop... More >>
What is your favorite activity during a Cincinnati winter?
Touring the Cincinnati Zoo’s Festival of Lights
Going to Winterfest at King’s Island
Playing broomball on the ice rink at Fountain Square
Burrowing under your covers and praying for an early Spring
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