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Teen Reviews
The Glass Castle: a memoir
by Jeannette Walls
The Glass Castle is a memoir about the poverty-stricken upbringing of a family by the hands of the parents and the experiences Jeannette Walls and her sibliings went through. I chose it as a reading book for school, but I found myself being so int... More >>
Staff Picks
Under a Painted Sky
by Stacy Lee
The odds are totally stacked against Samantha. The man who tries to assault her is killed and she’s the number-one suspect. Her only hope is escape – which she does – with a runaway slave girl. Both young women are running for th... More >>
What would be your first choice for making a difference?
Spend time with my elderly family member
Volunteer at soup kitchen
March in a demonstration
Help a child with schoolwork
Vote in an election (if I was old enough)
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